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Holden wants parity adjustment

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Active member
Well f#@k me.

Holden are getting spanked because they ripped HSVDT apart ,shafted the best driver in HRT ,and then bought in a no hoper with a fat wallet in Dumbarse.
They have put all their eggs in the HRT basket and when Tander fails so do Holden.

c@#k smoker Ingall asked for a parity review at QR after he was 7/100's of a second of pole. You can't even see that with the human eye.
Tander is even leading the championship.
So tell me why Tander can make it happen and an old has been in Bingall can make the VE go but the rest of the girls have trouble.

This time last year the VE was wasting the Falcon . Nothing has changed yet the whinging f#@ksticks want an adjustment.

Holden need to sort out their own bullshit actions and teams rather than getting a freebie from VE$A.

Holden are unbelievable. We put up with the AU getting spanked for years and now they are under performing they want the Falcons slowed.

If they slow the Falcon or speed up the Commy, Ford should tell VE$A to stick the whole shooting match up their arse and make an immeidate withdrawl from the series. Which would also coincide with me never watching V8's again.


Holden made it so they could have the factory team as the gun team and stuff the rest. Now there not winning every race with all the money there throwing at HRT they want every Ford team slowed to the same pace as the rest of the Holdens. [crackup]


New member
If Holden want parity, let them work out parity amongst their Holden teams first, and not put all their eggs in Tanders basket.

Ha ha, the billion dollar baby wants a dummy![crackup]


Active member
Billion dollar blunder more likely.

If Holden get their way every Ford fan in Australia should email Cochbrain and tell him to stick his f#@ked series up his arse


New member
quote:Originally posted by bigcol

Billion dollar blunder more likely.

If Holden get their way every Ford fan in Australia should email Cochbrain and tell him to stick his f#@ked series up his arse

I'll second that [gcs]


New member
You may aswell call the series formula holden if that happens. If it does happen I know there will be a truck load of people who will be turned off the series forever. Myself included. The only change they should be making in the series, is to turn back the clock and race as they did back in the 60's 70's and 80's. At least then it wasn't follow the leader.


New member
yeah didnt hear them whinging and complaining when they won the first five or so rounds last year. Rip the guts out of their most successful team and wonder why they are struggling. As much as i am pissed at Ford at least ford have many competitive teams not just wanting the factory team in front.


New member
Holden have shot them selves in the foot and now they want to shoot every one else..[crackup][crackup][crackup][crackup][crackup][crackup


New member
I see that the wankers at HRT are wanting the parity ajustment done before Phillip Island,if its not done by then definitely they want it done before Bathurst.


Active member
That c@#k stain from Holden the way he is talking seems to think that the adjustment will happen.

V8 Supercars can getted f#@ked if it happens

Racin Jason

Active member
If those splooge sponges at V8$A give those whining little twats an adjustment it will be yibida, yibida for me. We have seen it too many times before.

Does anyone remember when SBR and Marcos were really the only ones to get the AU working and Holden kept saying "well they can do it why can't the others?"????? They still have THREE teams that seem to be on the pace and they want to whine because more Ford teams have thier act together.

FCUK I hate Holden.


Holden angered by parity review delay
Release date: 21/08/2008

Holden Motorsport Manager Simon McNamara claims V8 Supercars Australia is dragging its feet on a request for a parity review.

McNamara said Holden Racing Team?s Mark Skaife requested the parity review after the Queensland Raceway round of the Championship on the basis the BF Falcon had an aerodynamic advantage over the VE Commodore.

?We were hoping to see a parity change before Phillip Island but they are stalling it,? he said.

?Nothing is happening. Our board members, Larry Perkins and Paul Morris, are being very helpful, but we are waiting to hear some sort of outcome.

?We are in an extended break which should have been an opportune time for the change.

?It?s getting a little frustrating because we?re wasting valuable time.?

McNamara said there would be a number of ways the Falcon?s aerodynamics could be adjusted.

?We don?t have a specific recommendation because we don?t have their cars, but it would be easier to do something with the Falcons than the Commodores,? he said.

?I know there?s been a lot of press and a lot of fans are saying there?s not a problem because we are winning the Championship, but at the end of the day it is clear there is a parity issue.

?One has an aerodynamic advantage; we have the proof.?

A request for a parity review is submitted to the V8 Supercar Board, which then makes a recommendation to the technical committee.

?But I?m not even sure a recommendation has been made,? McNamara said.

V8 Supercars Australia Chairman Tony Cochrane confirmed to BigPond Sport that the board would not make a recommendation until it meets on September 5.

?I wouldn?t think it (an aerodynamic change for the Falcon) would have a snowflake?s chance in hell (of happening) before Phillip Island,? he said.

Ford Racing Manager Ray Price said Ford would oppose any changes to the BF?s aerodynamics.

?We would oppose it based on the fact an aero test we done on the BF and the VE and was signed off by TEGA,? he said.

?Since then we have worked on the car and so have they, but we have moved forward whereas they have moved backwards.?

Price did not believe there was a parity issue.

?I?d like to understand how there?s an aero advantage in a BF when Garth Tander is currently leading the Championship,? he said.

?And the two best drivers at the moment, and I say that by their current record, is Garth Tander leading the Championship and Mark Winterbottom second.

?If it?s between teams then there is some element to that, but car-to-car, if there was a parity issue we wouldn?t have a blue and a red car running one-two.?

Price has analysed data from the first seven rounds of the 2007 and 2008 Championships to support his argument that a parity review is not required.

?According to the data that I keep, which is based on race podiums, one thing that is different this year is that HSV has only had two race podiums compared to 27 race podiums this time last year.

?It says something about the HSV and HRT operation and the way it was restructured.

?Look what happened to Rick (Kelly) ? why has he and HSV got two podiums this year and yet the cars have not changed this year on last year?

?I don?t know what they did but it certainly hasn?t helped them.?

Price said he would be disappointed if V8 Supercars demanded an aerodynamic adjustment for the BF.

?We?d be disappointed given nothing has changed from this year to last year except the results are reversed,? he said.

?Holden dominated the first half of the season last year and this year Ford is getting the results and I?m not sure that is justification for a parity review.?

Price said the Ford teams did not complain when the results were reversed last year.

?We never said one thing, not one thing,? he said.

?We couldn?t work out how the VE was so quick; it was just killing us.?

But McNamara said if the parity adjustment did not happen before Phillip Island, Holden Motorsport would be pushing ?100 per cent? to have a change in time for the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000.

?We will push until we have to roll out next year against the FG,? he said.

?We have no concerns with the (Falcon) FG; we have seen information from the aero testing and everything seems pretty good.?

?But there are a number of months and a number of rounds to go this year against the BF.?


Active member
They are nothing but a bunch of f@g##t c@#k smokers with the biggest one being that scottish scum bag


New member
The last time there was a big mid season parity adjustment involving the Ford aero because of a percieved advantage resulted in the AU becoming almost dangerous and giving it a huge disadvantage inthe breaking performance especially late braking, and making the front of the cars unstable to say the least, and that was supposed to be a parity rectification.

These Holden teams are really just the mouth piece for a manufacturer that wants to repeat its late 70's early 80's act of removing the competition both on the track and off. Back then with the huge taxpayer funding to keep it going (again) and a government swayed by inequity in the trade deficit came up with a plan to remove a local manufacturer (bye Bye valiant) and import garbage like hyundai and allow the likes of Holden to sourse even more ingredients overseas. I'm not sure if the so called "boffins" at Holden are aware but if they kill of Ford, many of the suppliers to local industry will also become uncompetitive and go to the wall meaning that there , effectively will be no Aussie Taxi to have a series with!


New member
Taken from V8 Supercars 27/8/08

A V8 Supercar insider confirms parity is not an issue and has not been so for the last six years.

It follows a battle Holden is engaging in to get a parity review in time for the enduros, which Ford is strongly resisting.

Holden Motorsport Manager Simon McNamara has accused the V8 Supercars Australia (VESA) Board of taking its time on the review, while Ford Racing Manager Ray Price has goaded Holden by saying the Commodore?s lack of performance was The General?s own fault for destabilizing the HSV Dealer Team ? Holden?s best performing team in 2007.

The VESA Board will not make a recommendation on whether or not a parity review will take place until September 5, only a week before the L&H 500 at Phillip Island.

The V8 insider approached BigPond Sport disputing Holden?s claim that the BF Falcon has an aerodynamic advantage over the VE Commodore.

He said the technical parity calculation takes the average of 25 per cent of the fastest laps of the 10 fastest cars of each marque every round and converts them into an average.

For a parity adjustment, there needs to be a 0.1 second ?trip? at three consecutive rounds, or four from six.

The source told BigPond Sport the system has swung in Ford?s favour six times out of eight rounds of this year?s Championship compared to two for Holden, but has not tripped.

He said under the technical parity system, the Tasmania round last year ?was Holden country? while the Adelaide round this year was ?in Ford?s favour a long way? but the Holden teams were faster at Hamilton.

V8 Supercars changed the rules this year so that instead of officially using this technical parity model, which has been used in recent years, teams would have to lobby the V8 Supercars Australia Board for a parity review ? which Holden Racing Team has done.

?The problem is there is nothing to answer for,? the source said.

?There is no argument to have because it hasn?t triggered under the rules we have had for six years.?

The source said it would not be fair for Ford teams to be forced to make changes to the Falcon, which Holden is requesting, unless the Falcons were given a ?free? test day before the L&H 500 outside of the four annual test days the teams are allowed under V8 Supercar rules.

?Nothing has changed from last year, but you ask why aren?t they (Holden teams) as competitive?

?The only thing it can be is the teams themselves are not doing a good job.?


New member
Taken from the V8 Supercars 28/8/08

Holden Motorsport Manager Simon McNamara says a claim that parity exists between the two V8 Supercar marques is completely false.

His comments follow a BigPond Sport article which ran yesterday (Wednesday), where a source said the technical parity system had not been triggered for six years.

But McNamara said the parity system had been triggered a number of times this year in favour of Ford, including twice in a row.

After Round Seven of the Championship at Queensland Raceway, Holden submitted a request for a parity review, which the V8 Supercars Australia (VESA) Board will discuss at a meeting on September 5.

?I?ve got a number of rounds that shows where the parity formula has been triggered,? McNamara said.

?I?ve got irrefutable data and that insider has clearly not seen the submission.?

McNamara said it was an ?absolutely unadulterated lie? for anyone to claim the system had not been triggered.

?That is a straight up misrepresentation of the truth,? the Holden Motorsport boss said.

?That (a parity system trigger) is the whole reason and basis for our submission.

?Anybody that has seen the document that has been presented (from Holden) can dispute there is parity.?

McNamara preferred not to mention which rounds this year had produced a parity issue.

?But I can tell you categorically it has been triggered consistently.?

McNamara said the parity review request was made following a unanimous decision during a meeting at the Queensland round which all Holden V8 Supercar team owners attended.

?Every single one of them in that meeting agreed we should go forward in seeking an adjustment,? he said.

?Most of the press on this (parity) issue is emotional and that?s fine, but we are seeking a business related decision based on facts.

?It?s not an emotional thing for us.

?If they (Ford teams) have a technical advantage over us in the parity formula then not a problem, but at the end of the day there is disparity; there is an issue because that?s what the data proves.?

McNamara stressed that Holden would not have pressed for a review if there was parity between the Commodores and Falcons.

?I looked at it quite a while before I went to the team owners about it,? he said.

?We don?t like ourselves looking silly by going forward with an argument if it wasn?t true.?

McNamara said the issue had already raised one encouraging point.

?On the back of all this there is a positive, which is that there has been a lot of emotion,? he said.

?I?ve had emails from people saying we are sooks and I don?t have a problem with that.

?Recently it has been said that the red versus blue rivalry is dead but the emotion behind this issue shows it is not dead.

?It is still very clearly evident that the statement the Holden versus Ford rivalry is dead couldn?t be further from the truth.?


New member
Well! I`m sure if you went and asked Team Kiwi was there a parity difference between the Mighty Blue & The Sooky Reds that he would say yes the holdens need to be slowed as well. So whats this Peanut from holden on about. We are winning because we have more Fords capable of than they do. Ha, Ha, Ha...That will teach em from destroying the best team they have ever had.:D:D:D:D

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