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2018 SOO!!!

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New member
Totally agree!

I know that all forums are down on posts but this is just ridiculous.
Only a certain penalty try is more ridiculous! [bgn][bgn][lol]


Active member
Anyone here watch the Aussies v Peru at the world cup. Some of the dives from the Peruvian players would make Boyd Cordner very proud.[f][f][f]:p
Interesting you say that. I know I haven't been engaged as much lately as I used to be.
And it's a combination of things.

I thought the shift of focus to a social media based platform would be a better thing.
I was wrong. I miss the dedicated conversations, which weren't just people fanboying, but critical discussion.
If you're not interested in model cars, in the forum you can just not go there.
And another comment made to me. Some of the old discussions, particularly the history of the team and sport are easier to trawl through on a forum. Good luck on a social media page.

The other thing that has made me less interested in engaging, is the move from a 'family' team to a corporate entity. There's just not the interaction there that many of us are used to. The results are great, but the fair weather fans, not so much.

Anyway, just my general comments, and probably not the right place for them. And well done to NSW for finally winning a series. Was some good footy to watch. (And yes, my support leans towards QLD as a former south australian. Does anyone like NSW who wasn't born there?!)

Donut King

Staff member
I'm more a fan of forums than social media, it's not my intention to sacrifice the effort here in favour of a presence on facebook or elsewhere. Integration wise there is plenty more to come which has been firstly slowed by the fact that I have not kept up with web technology because I don't work in that area anymore and secondly slowed down by me relocating to Tasmania.

We do miss the interaction with Dr Story and most would be concerned by the lack of form shown by the 12 car, hoping that the evolution of the tyres heads back in the direction of last years offering rather than the current '16 based units which suit the crew from Banyo so well.


New member
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