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Well done DJR

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Active member
Great affort team.
2nd and 4th and so close to Whingcrap.
Whincrap should have been black flagged. The back of his pig was covered in oil and so was James windscreen.

As good as it was to see HRT have 2 engine failures and Lowndes engine dramas as well.
it would have been good to see Whincrap DNF as well so Steve would have closed the gap.
Now all Steve needs is HRT and 888 to shit themselves in the enduros with #17 winning Bathurst and Steves a real hot chance


New member
I think JC elevated himself into the top 10 as well with today's drive.
Come on boys - keep it up!!


New member
quote:Originally posted by Gerry

Steve is only a few points behind Lowndes and I think JC elevated himself into the top 10 as well with today's drive.
Come on boys - keep it up!!

Rob 18

New member
Great team effort today Col & I think today, djr showed they are the real deal. 888, TWR & co will be looking at DJR as a real threat from this moment on!!

Bring on Bathurst, I can't wait.


Super Moderator
Well done fellas. A fantastic result for the weekend this far!!

Great to see both knobs at HRT lunch engines and some reliability issues surfacing at T8.

From DJR's perspective, James seems more visibly relaxed and appears to be comfortable now. I don't know what it is but he really seems to have matured since his shunt in Tassie. Maybe getting the monkey off his back in Townsville has taken some pressure off. He has been much more patient in recent rounds and its no coincidence that he has had 3 consecutive podiums at Townsville, Sandown and now QR.

Great job by Jr too. Had the "dribbling" Coulthard all over him for most of the race and didnt put a foot wrong. He almost climbed onto the podium too closing rapidly on the fading Frosty on badly worn sprints.

Tomorrow is a new day so lets hope the boys can qualify up the point end and keep the momentum going. Giddy up!!


New member
DJR certainly let everyone know today that we are here and are real contenders for every event.


Active member
quote:Originally posted by maddog

Badly wanted J.C. to have a crack but the lad is showing some real maturity now great steer!

With Whingcraps car spewing oil i don't think James had the necessary grip to do.
Watching them get the power down tr888or had grip but James was sliding. Could have been set up but i reckon it was oil from Whincraps car. The back of it looked like Bob Morris's Torana at Bathurst 76 and Griceys Commode the year he won it and that was after 1000k's not 33 laps of QR


New member
quote:Originally posted by bigcol

and Griceys Commode the year he won it and that was after 1000k's not 33 laps of QR

1986 mate. Yeah Whingecup had to be putting oil out, going by the back of the car, but I think the bulk of what was on JC's screen was from Lowndes. A fantastic performance from both the guys, and the entire team. Today will be interesting with most of the frontrunners on the control tyre.


New member
It was bloody great to see Whincup do his usual half dozen laps and then jump out of the car with his time posted looking smugly at the monitor as some tried to get further up the grid, the look on his face as Winterbottom crossed the line to post the fastest lap was worth watching.

The soft tyres can't go from the series soon enough for mine, I don't see how those who lunched engines yesterday got full use of the softs today and really reaped reward for it when those who used strategy paid heavily because of it.

And . . . . . . . .pretty fair days work from the Team again today, not quite showing results for the effort but pretty good nevertheless, The Team is really bringing it to each round at the pointy end of the series, well done boys.


Active member
quote:Originally posted by bigcol

Only team with 2 cars in the top 5

Well done DJR

Talking to Charlie after today's race and that is exactly what he said. He was over the moon with the result considering what happened today. Judging by his reaction he's not a fan of the sprint tyre.

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