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Sandown heritage round

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New member
Looking forward to this if it eventuates, I have heard there will be historic signage, Retro liverys and Uniforms.
We certainly have had some great retro liverys at Bathurst over the past few years, have you got anything in the special lined up Ryan?
Maybe we could see a return to the "Aussie Flag start" and a Nissan Skyline Sillhoutte pace car :p.
I would like to see Shell onboard and carry over the livery to Bathurst, Instead of Ultra-Hi it could change to V-Power?



Be good if it happens but not too many teams have a lot of history, unless they fall back on some obscure reason like my brothers nextdoor neighbours ex girlfiends father worked for such and such.

To me a retro round means pre V8 Supercars, DJR/TP, Nissan, HRT, PRA and Volvo, (12 cars) can't see any others that would have any meaningfull link to a "retro" history.

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