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Recent content by Donut King

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  1. Donut King

    Symmons Plains '19

    Been an interesting weekend at Symmons, a track that has been a traditional T8 stronghold has seen the arch enemy bounce back into some good form, and they also seem to have their mojo back. Great result on Saturday, and Sundays result is the kind of result you expect from a weekend in T8...
  2. Donut King

    Mustang hobbled in record time

    And now they're targeting aero!
  3. Donut King

    Mustang hobbled in record time

    An absolute disgrace. Ford, Ford Performance and the teams should sit out the Symmons round and show the series what the crowd numbers will be for the Commodore Cup...
  4. Donut King

    Mustang hobbled in record time

    Supercars has taken the first step to reining in the runaway Mustangs by announcing a new centre of gravity parity rule. By MARK FOGARTY From next month’s Tasmania SuperSprint at Symmons Plains, all cars will have the same CoG position, as mandated by Supercars technical officials. As forecast...
  5. Donut King


    Well the team is back at work, and today made a pretty bold mission statement for the year #unfinishedbusiness
  6. Donut King

    Auckland Supersprint

    Well the cars have been loaded, unloaded and reloaded on a plane for a short trip to the Eastern Island (lol) with only Newcastle to come which is a bit of an unknown, the Team will be looking to make it count this weekend. We've been strong here in recent years and strong overall when running...
  7. Donut King

    Push to bring Tru-Blu Falcon to TCM !!!

    A chance to apply all the lessons learnt in later era's to a ground up build involving the car that kicked it all off, how awesome is that? :cool:
  8. Donut King

    Team Johnson (Merged)

    Race was one of their exhibition races top 45% of grid was reversed. 25 points for starting, 25 points for finishing no matter where you end up. JB had a gearbox failure in the opening laps. Steve will start pole for tomorrows proper points paying race
  9. Donut King

    Team Johnson (Merged)

    Did a power steer hose on the way out of the paddock apparently
  10. Donut King

    Team Johnson (Merged)

    Looking forward to this, sure the ship may have sailed on the supercar series, but good to see a Johnson out there behind the wheel of a Ford wearing #17. Too bad an XD doesn't meet the eligibility rules though [bw]
  11. Donut King

    New signings

    Have just found out that a former colleague of mine and former v8 supercars pr guy Ben Nightingale has signed to bolster the pr and online engagement at DJRTP, now to get him signed up here - I told him the boss already visits! Also rumors that Premat has been signed to partner SM in the...
  12. Donut King

    Frosty: DJRTP will be a powerhouse

    While Frostys assertion that DJRTP will be a force in the series, if he is inferring that they are out there with an open chequebook buying personnel left right and centre to get themselves there, I think he is barking up the wrong tree a little bit.
  13. Donut King

    Team penske to partner with dick johnson racing in 2015

    Team Penske announced today that it will form a partnership with one of the most successful motorsport teams in Australia to compete in the popular V8 Supercars Championship, beginning in 2015. Working with Dick Johnson Racing (DJR), the longest-established motor racing team in Australia, Team...
  14. Donut King

    Clipsal 500

    Just checked and it's been removed! clicking the link now goes to a page not found message
  15. Donut King

    DJR Welcomes ADVAM and Wilson Security as they confirm their place on the 2013 Grid

    Dick Johnson Racing (“DJR”), the longest operating and most successful team in Australian motor racing history, today confirmed two Australian-based brands as major partners who have joined at the 11th hour to secure DJR’s immediate future in V8 Supercars. Leading provider of integrated global...