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Tru Blu MkII

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Great find Col !!!

Gee.... how young does 'Father' look in that [sh] [crackup]
(Not to mention Jilly) !! [y]


Active member
Awesome.... I wanna go back to the 80's...

Where's that Delorian!!
You'd need more than a Delorian TOWIE cause you wouldn't be alone, you'd have quite a lot of us tagging along behind you.

Jilly was a good sort back then wasn't she.


New member
Mate, she was a good sort in primary school!!
..................and so was her sister (although a bit old for me!)


Active member
How good does that 351 cube Henry sound.

They've never made a chev or holden sound as good as a Ford v8 yet


New member
just seen some cool pics, on facebook with tru blu getting a new engine

The boys are putting the engine back in and the plan is to have it at the Gold Coast event next week. Fingers crossed we can have it running for Dick to cut some laps.



New member
Here we go. See you all there next weekend! :)



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