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Tips for EC

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Active member
Tips for Eastern Creek are.

Be good to your mothers.
Skaifey will break the record.
No not that record. the amount of times any one can run off in one race.
Prick Kelly's season is going to start falling apart as he will beach it at turn 1 after coming togther with Craig Lowndes.
Bigcol will then say Kelly ran into Lowndes, like usual.
Tander will have a blinder only to be held up by the pitt crew once again. Hey it is Kellys team remember and we got to give our boy the best chance of his first championship that he has earned the correct way. If that doesn't happen Todd will help.
BOC will qualify on the second last row of the grid rather than last.
Murphy will struggle to get anywhere near the top 10 all weekend.
Courtney will show everybody how good he is in the wet.
Whincup will once again show Lowndes how it is done.
Prick kelly will get a drive through this time around for short cutting the circuit after coming off again.
Ingall and Skaife will come together for old times sake.
And last but not least the IPO Peter Wollerman and the driving standards officer Colin Bond will make wrong calls once again.(well that is the only thing that will definitely happen)

P1 James Courtney to break through for his maiden win
P2 Jamie Whincup to beat Lowndes again
P3 Tander after being sabotaged by his own team once again.
P4 Johnson He is driving well
P5 Steven Richo after another dud call over tyres from his team
P6 Winterbottom for the same reason as Richo

Yes it is pretty much a blue wash but seeing it is supposed to be wet and we have better drivers


New member
Hmmmmmm, for the same reasons as Bigcol, the wet.

1) Whincup
2) Lowndes
3) Steve Johnson
4) Tander, Rik out with damage after the accident (see above)
5) Todd, Skaife out the back consoling Rik


New member
Looks like we could be in for a wet (very wet) round.. I'd love to see Courtney win, but seeing that he has not driven at EC before I think he might straggle a bit.. As long as a Ford wins I'll be happy. I'd love to see both the HSV Holdens **** up in R1 somehow.


Could be an interesting weekend. Weather forcast,

Forecast for Friday
Rain increasing with possible heavy falls. Chance thunderstorm. Fresh to strong east to southeast winds.
Precis: Rain increasing. Windy.

City: Min: 11 Max: 14
West: Min: 10 Max: 14

Saturday Rain easing. Locally heavy falls possible. Windy.

City: Min: 13 Max: 15
West: Min: 11 Max: 15

Sunday A few showers.

City: Min: 13 Max: 17
West: Min: 9 Max: 17

Monday A shower or two.

City: Min: 13 Max: 18
West: Min: 8 Max: 17


Super Moderator
quote:Originally posted by Joe5619

.. I'd love to see Courtney win, but seeing that he has not driven at EC before I think he might straggle a bit..
Joe, Courtney HAS driven at Eastern Creek AND in the wet too! I was fortunate enough to attend an SBR Corporate ride day at EC last December and I did a few laps alongside JC. His car control was excellent so I would expect to see him do well in the wet this weekend barring misfortune. I too want to see a Ford win, but a DJR one of course. Keep a close eye on Junior...;)


New member

Those last few laps fighting between Murphy, Jason Richards & Frosty were awsome. Keep up the good work tomorrow DJR.


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