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T!TS for Indy

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Active member
Ok haven't done this for awhile, so here goes.
T!ts sorry Tips for Indy.

Be good to the manager of the units you look after.
You'll definitely see more than one set of T!ts before the weekend is over.
pRick Kelly will come out and tell the world he bats for the other side.
Tander will try to win it but bin it instead
Lowndes will qualify like my Nana but be fighting for a race win on Sunday arvo
Jason Richards will take out team mate no heart Murphy
Morris will hold up the back 1/3 of the field once again
A women will start the Indy race
Put everything on Red at the casino
Ingall and Skaife are going to take each other out.
Denyer, Bargs and Max Wilson are going to stand next to each other to see who is actually shorter
Col could get p!ssed on the roof at Seacrest
If pRick does get on the podium , he'll get a right royal booing
Cochbrain will give a speech and some will be saying Marge the rains have come.
Peter Wollerman and Colin Bond will give a pit lane drive through to the wrong car ( Sh1t that would be a given)
The Indy boys will whinge about the V8's climbing all over the kerbs
Frosty will get pole
Wil will be willing that he will get his maiden V8 victory
Steve for a podium
and last but not least
the TWPG to have a just as crappy Indy is they did Bathurst


Any chance I can get up on the roof for an hour so I can get some photos of the V8's....with the T!ts in the foreground? :D

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