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COTF to surpass Murphy's lap of the gods?

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New member
With the changes coming into force in 2013, Will Spuds record of 2.06.8594 be beaten?

Things in favour of a quick lap will be,
* Better centre of gravity (With fuel cell moved forward)
* Bigger brakes for the two big applications.
* 100kg lighter allround.
* Independent rear end for high speed handling around the top.

Not in favour,
* Aero? Im sure they could have put a bit more aero?
* Engine package, Will we keep the current HP/KW?
* Transaxle Gearbox? Will Hollinger still have some input? Or will a new supplier be named eg Getrag?

Whats your thoughts?



Sick of the Murphy fans throwing that up all the time, he's done FA since anyway.[jk]


New member
One things for sure, Murphy won't get Bathurst poll in 2012.
I bet he bought a Tattslotto ticket after last years poll!

Has anyone heard what the end result of our poor speed towards the end of 2011 was?
Can we expect better in 2012 ?


New member
Didn't Lowndes beat that time a couple of years ago in qualifying without the luxury of the track to himself?

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