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    Frosty the 2015 champ

    Congrats to Frosty on the championship, long time coming and well deserved. However, I was telling someone who is not too interested in racing that, this man Mark Winterbottom won the championship. I was asked, "So, what does he get for winning the championship"? All I could think of was he...
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    How much longer before DJR TP becomes solely TP?

    Any thoughts on this? It seems like a natural progression since majority owned by Penske, and expanding to two cars would be a decision only the Penske side of the team would be able to promote. A sad day it will be and I think its more of a "when" than "if" it will happen. Who knows or heard...
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    I want to get rid of some clean land fill

    I know this probably doesn't belong here but since you guys are more like a family than a forum.... [bw] Got some dirt to be rid of , more to the point, clay and a scraping of soil. About 50 m3. Being excavated about Late Jan / early Feb 2013. Can do free delivery within 5 km of home post code...
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    Retro liveries for 50th Bathurst

    We all love Tru Blu but what other retro liveries would you guys like to see again?
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    Dick on the Monaco GP on Brisbane radio

    Caught a bit of this interview this morning. Link to the podcast - fast forward it to the 3.27 sec mark. http://austereo.castmetrix.net/podcast/378302368699191406/1/TheGrillTeam28thMay2012.mp3
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    GT nats in Brisbane

    Did any of our resident GT owners make it to this event this long weekend? How was it?
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    GRM Newsletter

    Got this emailed to me during this week and thought I'd post it here, mainly for the comments in the last 2 paragraphs, as they briefly mention the T8 split. Not sure what to read into it though as fail to see how the move would affect any other Holden team. ABN:83 059 459 068...
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    Top Gear GTHO road test

    Anyone catch the Aussie Top Gear show tonight. Road test in a GTHO PhaseIII. In a way I wasn't looking forward to it but it was the only reason I sat through the show. Sounded glorious, looked tough, but the timed lap was pretty ordinary by todays standard. About 2 secs slower than a new FG-XT...
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    Petition - Fuel tax subsidy - Qld

    There is a possibility that the Qld govt will remove the fuel tax subsidy in the June 09 budjet, meaning it will be a lot more expensive to purchase fuel. So if you're a Qld resident and want to sign the petition or just want to find out more about it click on the link below...
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    Vote 1 - DJ Qld Sporting Icon

    Dont chuck out the free "junk mail" newspaper this week. The Quest papers have a form to fill out for your vote for the 150th anniversary year celebrations for Qld. Dick has been nominated for sporting legends. He and Mick Doohan are the only motorsport people and the rest are mostly...
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    Vale Peter Wherrett

    Just read on Yahoo that Peter Wherrett past away today. (bloody cancer has claimed another). Deepest Sympathies for his family and friends. http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/entertainment/5426410/peter-wherrett-largerthanlife-personality-lifes-long-road/
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    Tander in a Falcon in 2009

    No, its not the long streak of pelican poo, but his good lady Leanne in a PCR Falcon in 2009. Heres the details. http://www.leannetander.com/template8.asp?CategoryId=183&news=340 [sh]
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    Whincup for Australias Greatest Athlete.

    This afternoon on Ch9 was the first episode of a programme called Australias Greatest Athlete. Not certain on the number of ahtletes 12 or 15 I think, all have to perform and demonstrate their skills doing the sport challenge of each others speciality. A lot of big names in this, Billy Slater...
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    Last race for BF

    Last race for the mighty BA/BF's. We don't have to "win it or bin it", as per the Holden call a few years back cause if Wincup misses out, Frosty picks it up. But I would like to see a all Blue podium with Loundes getting 3rd and DJR securing 3rd for the team comp. Only Tander can stuff it for...
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    I thought he was dead!

    Last Saturday night, took my self and nascar jnr for a night out to see the Monster trucks perform. Lots of action, smash up derby, jet powered van, motorbikes, Robot Dragon (Zzzzz...), and monster trucks doing jumps, crushing cars etc.... doing what they do best. Good night out - lots of...
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    888 new shed open day

    Found this one tonight , new shed for the 888 boys and having an open day in December 14. http://www.teamvodafone.com/news.php?newsid=248
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    All Ford day in Brisbane

    Anyone one know when this is on this year and where its at?
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    Jim Beam Link on DJR site

    Any you guys get this link to open at DJR.com? http://www.theneighbours.com.au/ Looks..............ahem..........interesting
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    GMH Dick

    Did Dick ever race a V8 Torana or Monaro. especially in the years just prior to starting with Byrts fords. What was Dicks ride before the yellow #4 Torana XU1? I think in one of the books he mentions a HR186s was a road come race car for a period?
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    Scheduled Pit Stops - get rid of them?

    I for one wouldn't mind seeing an end to compulsory pit stops between certain laps, and watch a season of racing where the pit stops are done when teams feel they need to make them i.e. fuel, tyres etc.... Primarly see the pits used for breakdowns, and when the safety car is deployed, a gate...