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    Homebush, Courtney and the Championship

    I'm a Ford fan first and foremost. This ranks up there with Jamie Whincup winning last years championship for being absolutely cringe worthy. It out ranks it for how bitter sweet it will be if Courtney wins the championship. Part of me thinks **** you James and the other part thinks lets go and...
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    Tru Blu MkII

    Thanks to Keiron on Central for this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mqzWkzzYRw
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    With the release of Car of the Future today (Monday), the future of V8 Supercars has been secured while the door has been left open for more manufacturers to join the category. At Melbourne?s Crown Casino this morning, V8 Supercar Executive Chairman Tony Cochrane and head of the Car of the...
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    2010 nrl

    NRL 2010 is game on. Good start for the Bronco's doing the Cowboys 30 -24. If the rest of the season is going to be like that game it's going to be an absolute cracker of a season
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    360 Degree SuperGP photos

    These were done with some 360 degree fancy camera by one of the guys from Gold Coast Bulletin. The dump and burn is from the Seacrest building in between turn 1 and 2 and the first beachside chicane which is also my veiwing platform for the weekend...
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    Well done DJR

    Great affort team. 2nd and 4th and so close to Whingcrap. Whincrap should have been black flagged. The back of his pig was covered in oil and so was James windscreen. As good as it was to see HRT have 2 engine failures and Lowndes engine dramas as well. it would have been good to see Whincrap...
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    DJ quote

    Pissed myself laughing when Dick was commenting the Biante series today. He was saying how Jum Ruchards turned the fuel off by accidently hitting the switch. Dick then went on to say. You'd think he'd have a rim on it to stop his hand from coming off
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    Alcohol sponsorship

    Yesterday DJR , Kelly Racing and Wankinshoddy nearly had to find new sponsors. The first step would have been banning alcohol sponsorship on daytime TV. The next would have been the sponsorship of the contestants, namely JBR, JDR and Bundy Red racing. The clowns in the Family First party wanted...
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    Holdens worst????

    Is this Holdens worst ever season since the inception of the V8 class. Barring a complete disaster it looks like Whincup will win the championship The manufactureres championship has already been won by Ford The teams championship would need a miracle for HRT to win it. Ford won Bathurst...
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    Holden wants parity adjustment

    Well f#@k me. Holden are getting spanked because they ripped HSVDT apart ,shafted the best driver in HRT ,and then bought in a no hoper with a fat wallet in Dumbarse. They have put all their eggs in the HRT basket and when Tander fails so do Holden. c@#k smoker Ingall asked for a parity review...
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    Winton TV Times

    Best to check your local TV guides for the Winton round as those arse wipes from CH7 are splitting the V8 telecast for the gAyFL. IIRC Sydney and Brisbane will be watching the first race on Sunday at 11;30am and the second at 3;00pm or around then
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    Motorsport forums

    Just wondering what motorsport forums everybody frequents and what they're like? I use V8 Central but it's really giving me the shits with the Holden/Ford shyte and the site owner is even pissing me off more for not dealing with the f#@kwits but throwing out penalties for replying to their...
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    Cost Cutting

    We all know that the likes of FPR, 888 and Team Tom will spend evry cent they get in running a v8 super car team regardless of how much money they have. What are the positive ways forward for a catagory that in my opinion has it's life limited because of the way it currently run?? My thoughts...
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    T!TS for Indy

    Ok haven't done this for awhile, so here goes. T!ts sorry Tips for Indy. Be good to the manager of the units you look after. You'll definitely see more than one set of T!ts before the weekend is over. pRick Kelly will come out and tell the world he bats for the other side. Tander will try to...
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    Tips for EC

    Tips for Eastern Creek are. Be good to your mothers. Skaifey will break the record. No not that record. the amount of times any one can run off in one race. Prick Kelly's season is going to start falling apart as he will beach it at turn 1 after coming togther with Craig Lowndes. Bigcol will...
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    It was mentioned it was quiet around here. Well listening to the radio today they had a lady on who had just got back from a sex seminar in Sydney. It was quite informative. She said that the more you have sex the healthier you are, and that's even if you're an owner-driver. From what i...
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    Seeing the #2 Skaife Tander car slow of the line with a rooted clutch , about $1500.00 Seeing the #2 Skaife Tander car liberace'd by Jack Perkins about $100 000 Seeing the look on Walkinshaws face after the slow start and then the shunt PRICELESS
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    Oran Park Observations.

    Great to see Junior equal 3rd and Will showing great pace. Unfortunately for Will to be making a few little mistakes that cost him drive through penalties. Tander lived up to his dirty driver tag by unloading both Ingall and Lowndes. The HRT , HSVDT cars are about as reliable as a Lada Niva. Lee...
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    Oran Park who

    Tit's sorry tips for Oran Park. Skaife to qualify very well only to beach it. Again Ingall to show us once again that it was really Marcos that made those SBR Falcons fast. Brighty to continue FPR's progress. Murphy to eat humble pie at every meal. Again The female Kelly to get done by...
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    Cop ya

    Go the Maroons, Go the Fords and i'll see you all back here at this lovely place in around three and half weeks when i get back from Cape York. When i'm wrestling crocs, catching humongess barramundi and eating 4 kilo mud crabs , i'll think of all you guys hard at it , at work Cheers