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  1. DJR-XR8

    Sandown heritage round

    Looking forward to this if it eventuates, I have heard there will be historic signage, Retro liverys and Uniforms. We certainly have had some great retro liverys at Bathurst over the past few years, have you got anything in the special lined up Ryan? Maybe we could see a return to the "Aussie...
  2. DJR-XR8

    Green DJR cars at Bathurst.

    So this year 2015 we have another green race car, Its not fully green but green is green. Over the years from what I can recall without doing too much research they have been not the best. Off the top of my head here is what I can recall, *1983 Into the trees at the Elbow, *1984 Cut out on...
  3. DJR-XR8

    Team Mates 2015

    Hey everyone, I joined up as a Team Mates member this year after many years of putting it off. What I have found so far is it wasn't worth it, for a few reasons. The Forum is very quiet compared to Club17, I see the livery reveals 10min before social media, And I haven't received a membership...
  4. DJR-XR8

    Johnson/Bowe Dinner Bathurst RSL. Wed 8/10

    http://www.bathurstrsl.com.au/default.aspx?id=Eventsshowsdiscosbands Sounds like a good night!
  5. DJR-XR8

    DJ on Twitter and New Book.

    Seen last week that DJ has joined twitter @DickJohnsonAM, He and Chaz had a laugh on his first Twitter pic :cool: Also James Phelps has penned a new DJ Autobio, There is some pics of the cover in the Twitterverse somewhere, Phelps page I think @telejamesphelps.
  6. DJR-XR8

    Retro livery for DJR @Bathurst, Which one?

    Speedcafe have announced DJR are certaily running an old skool livery for Bathurst, Will be announced next Tuesday! But which livery? Will they keep a Jim Beam colour scheme? and go with something like the first season of JB branding at DJR? or will JB let them go all out and go one green...
  7. DJR-XR8

    Support categories @ SCA 1000

    The days are long gone of the best categories in Australia running at Bathurst in October, What would be your ideal support card at the 1000? #Sports Sedans #Appendix J #HQ's #Production cars #F3 #Dunlop Series #Touring Car Masters #V8 Utes #Aussie Racing Cars #Carrera Cup After seeing the...
  8. DJR-XR8

    For the Gamers out there

    Today I went for a drive up to Mt Panorama and seen alot of people walking the track and a truck with a camera attached to some scaffolding, Supposedly Gran Turismo have gained the licence to use the track in GT6. I stopped and asked the Asians walking the track what they were doing and the...
  9. DJR-XR8

    COTF to surpass Murphy's lap of the gods?

    With the changes coming into force in 2013, Will Spuds record of 2.06.8594 be beaten? Things in favour of a quick lap will be, * Better centre of gravity (With fuel cell moved forward) * Bigger brakes for the two big applications. * 100kg lighter allround. * Independent rear end for high speed...
  10. DJR-XR8

    DJR 320HP - Numero Uno

    Any one looking for a Ford Falcon Sedan? With a little bit of power :cool: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/ford-falcon-2003-10974562?cr=0&vertical=Car&Range=Price:Min,Max~1&silo=Stock&sort=default&eapi=2&__N=1216
  11. DJR-XR8

    Nascar style catch fence at Bathurst???

    http://www.westernadvocate.com.au/news/local/news/general/mount-on-track-for-a-nascarstyle-future/2225923.aspx Thoughts? Bit over the top isnt it?
  12. DJR-XR8

    Stevie J's speed.

    Here is a question I post to you all, Have you ever seen Steve drive as well in a opening to a season? After following DJR for so many years I can not recall a better start to a season. Is it all to do with the driver training earlier in the year in the UK? I hoping Bezzy will be on the ball...
  13. DJR-XR8

    Pepsi Max and Courtney

    This deal must have been pretty bloody close to happening. A person I know has come across Pepsi Max cans with JC's melon on them and I just read in Auto Action or Motorsport news that all the cans had to be crushed! Id like to find one of these cans im sure It will be a collectors item (even...
  14. DJR-XR8

    Rare car storys

    Thought this might pass the time till the season starts up again! We all have heard them storys of "The bloke down the road knew a bloke who had a run in Bill Bourke's 429 falcon blah blah" What is your story?
  15. DJR-XR8

    JC in the new 335kw GT at Bathurst

    I didn't see this cutting laps, must have been early Thursday? Good to watch but [bw] http://media.theage.com.au/drive/car-news/240kmh-at-bathurst-in-falcon-gt-1973509.html?ref=nf